Bea true leader

Lead by example. Improve your leadership qualities and skills within the organization so you can empower others to step up, lead and increase employee’s satisfaction.



Leadership is an ongoing journey that must be constantly revised to reflect external events and changing situations.

Using a coach even for one or two sessions can deliver profound benefits in both your professional and personal life. For busy people who need to be at their best or better all the time, this approach is both efficient and highly effective.


You are a leader who wants to develop your leadership effectiveness.

As leadership is a choice and has to do with personality traits, it is vital to have a strong sense of who you are. By knowing yourself and what you stand for, you lead yourself towards personal excellence and you lead others to shape their behavior in a way that enables them to make the right choices, both personally and professionally. In other words, you grow future leaders!


The aim of coaching is to move you from where you are now to where you want to be. It offers tools that can empower you to be more effective in your role. In which of the following areas do you need to excel?

• Developing relationship and rapport skills
• Building respect for others and their ideas and concerns
• Conducting and enabling good workplace meetings and on-the-job dynamics
• Building a healthy culture of reward
• Selecting and using role models
• Seeking opportunities to offer positive feedback
• Encouraging an ethos of personal responsibility
• Sustaining a clear vision about the ultimate objectives
• Setting SMART goals
• Empowering staff with coaching if necessary
• Identifying team members with potential
• Avoiding procrastination
• Developing motivation
• Improving delegation skills
• Becoming proactive rather than reactive

Together we will define a personalized Leadership Development Program tailored to the area(s) in which you need to excel.

The proposed coaching program consists of a minimum of 10 coaching conversations to ensure leadership success and positive impact on the organization. These consist of weekly conversations of 75 minutes by phone, Skype or in person. I am accessible between coaching conversations to answer questions or provide feedback.

I will use leadership coaching models, strategies and the GROW model to enable you further develop your leadership skills.


You will become a more effective leader thanks to a better understanding of yourself and others. You will understand that everyone has their own unique map of the world and appreciate the differences.

In the knowledge that your employees are your best assets to achieve success, you will be able to create a space in which they can grow, develop, be proactive, build and achieve.


The company will benefit greatly from the reinforced competencies the leader has adopted through coaching, which are crucial to the organization’s culture.

Executives develop their leadership and coaching skills so they can implement their learnings to support their teams and peers on a daily basis. As a result, the organization will benefit from increased employee commitment, engagement and satisfaction.

Research shows that 55% of employees wants to be inspired at work by a true leader.

OPTIONAL – helping leaders become coaches to improve overall business performance

This service is optional for organizations that want to adopt coaching as an integral part of their development program to support all employees at any level.

Leaders who have become effective coaches are more valuable to organizations because they motivate employees, foster engagement, improve team performance and enhance peer collaboration and relationships. In addition, they improve revenue and employee retention.

Luis Gomes de Abreu
Milagros proved to be a great coach, by helping me establishing a thinking process to guide me throughout my goal of improving my leadership skills. She was always prepared with relevant topics and methodologies to create self-awareness and guide me in my journey.
Luis Gomes de Abreu
Jan-Paul Kreukniet
I really liked the personal approach of Milagros. She helped me with achieving more goals in a shorter period of time on business and personal level. She took time to find out my needs and gave good and personal advice that helped me a lot.
Jan-Paul Kreukniet