Gethired faster

Learn new strategies and methodologies to accelerate your job search so you can establish a fulfilling career, not just a job, and feel more confident about yourself.



Are you currently unemployed, doing everything you can to find the right job but without success? You may feel demotivated and rejected by recruiters and companies.

As a result, you may lost self-confidence and focus and be unsure about what to do next. At this stage, perhaps you’d rather settle for ‘just a job’ than for the ‘right one’ in order to feel valuable and contribute to your family and society again.


In this competitive job market, adopting a winning attitude and applying different strategies to stand out are key to getting what you want.

A personalized 3-step Job Search Program will help you accelerate your search like nothing else. It will put you (back) in control of your job search with predictable results within 6 weeks!


Depending on your needs, challenges and level of commitment, you can complete the program in 6 to 12 weeks. We work together for at least 6 weeks. Ultimately, it is you who will determine the size of the program and investment.

You can expect weekly conversations of 75 minutes by phone, Skype or in person. I am accessible between coaching conversations to answer questions or provide feedback.

The program is divided into 3 steps to conduct a successful job search. With each step, your self-confidence grows, as does your ability to take action and produce results.

Step 1 – Prepare to be found by recruiters and employers
This step allows you to build a solid job search by simplifying your job search tools (resume, LinkedIn, email). You will learn to identify your strengths and talents and enhance your profile in order to ensure recruiters and employers find you.

Step 2 – Find your best opportunities through application strategies
In this step, you evaluate and re-energize your job searches. This will save time and energy and will enable you to search for a specific job within your field and interest. You will learn how to use connections and recruiters in your favor.

Step 3 – Receive interview invitations and job offers
In this step, you experience the fruits of your labor. I will prepare you for impactful interviews and salary negotiation for a smooth successful onboarding.


You will build self-awareness and gain insight into your job opportunities. You will feel self-confident, reinforced and empowered to take control of your own career path.

As a result, you will be able to capitalize on your strengths to get yourself a position that fits your interests, skills, values and personality.

It is proven that this 3-step program in combination with the clients’ commitment to the process will lead to job offers and interviews in a short period of time.


Your investment starts with €670 excluding 21% VAT.

OPTIONAL – job hunting to increase and accelerate your employment opportunities

This service is optional for job seekers. The goal of job hunting is to obtain a job interview with an employer, which may lead to getting hired.

Job hunting takes place after completing step 1 of the Job Search Program. I start with a specific and consistent search and work with recruiters, organizations and my own network to maximize results. My fee is available on request.

Marcus Edwards
I sought Milagros' assistance as Career Coach during a particularly barren patch. I had been seeking a new role for a considerable length of time and had gone without even an interview for several weeks, despite dozens of applications.
Milagros helped me refocus and re-energize my job-searching efforts. Within a couple of months of starting our coaching relationship, I had two interviews - one of which led to a job offer!
Marcus Edwards
IT Release Manager
Wirecard Technologies GmbH
Edna Kuipers
Milagros is an excellent career coach. She has a way of bringing out your best attributes and methodical ways of selling yourself in the job market. After only two sessions with Milagros I got a job interview.
I had not been invited to a job interview in 11 months and I had all but given up on job searches. My direction is clearer and I exude confidence and self-assuredness because of her excellent coaching skill and methods.
Edna Kuipers
Legal practitioner, International Criminal Law, Writer, Human Rights and CSR Expert