Helplaid-off employees get hired again

Enhance your company image by supporting exiting employees with a personalized high-quality outplacement program.



If your company is about to downsize, you will likely need to eliminate jobs in order to cut costs and maintain profitability. This can have a negative emotional impact: employees who are laid off tend to suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia and other problems.

Especially those employees who have invested their whole lives in the company. In turn, this affects company image and brand engagement. This is why exiting employees need to be treated with respect, care and dignity to minimize any trauma associated with downsizing.


TMG’s individual outplacement program is designed to help companies like yours find new jobs for dismissed employees.
TMG offers a complete personalized step-by-step program based on employees’ needs, for a smooth transition into a new job.

An individual outplacement program of at least six months is required to break through conflicting thinking and behavior patterns. This takes place through weekly conversations of 75 minutes by phone, Skype or in person. I am accessible between coaching conversations to answer questions or provide feedback.

This program offers a variety of objectives that will help manage and develop your exiting employees to become more effective and skilled in finding the right job.

Step 1 – Restore confidence of exiting employees
This step enables employees to process emotions of anger and grief in a compassionate way. As a result, your employees will feel supported and motivated to further build on their career and achieve results.

Step 2 – Prepare to be found by recruiters and employers
This step allows employees to build a solid job search by simplifying job search documents (resume, LinkedIn, email). Employees will learn to identify their strengths, talents and enhance their profile in order to ensure recruiters and employers find them.

Step 3 – Find the best opportunities through application strategies
In this step employees evaluate and re-energize their job searches. This will save time and energy and will enable them to search for a more specific job within their field and interests. They will learn to use connections and recruiters in their favor.

Step 4 – Excel in interviews and follow-up requests
In this step, employees will experience the fruits of their labor. TMG will prepare them for impactful interviews and follow-ups so they can remain competent and confident throughout the process.

Step 5 – Job hunting to accelerate employees’ employment offers
The goal of job hunting is to obtain a job interview with an employer, which may lead to getting hired.

Once the desired type of job has been identified, TMG starts with a specifc and consistent search and collaborates with recruiters, organizations and own network to maximize results. Salary negotiation and job offer activities are included in this step.

Step 6 – Smooth and successful onboarding and more
Professional guidance lasts up to and including any trial period in the new job to ensure a smooth and successful onboarding process. In this step, TMG offers 4 extra coaching sessions to support employees’ immediate, positive impact on the organization.


Employees will build self-awareness, reduce stress and gain insight on new job opportunities. They will feel self-confident, reinforced and empowered to take control of their own career. As a result, they will be able to capitalize on their strengths so they can obtain a position that fits their interests, skills, values and personality.

Employees’ job opportunities will increase enormously with job hunting. TMG will guide and support employees during probation as the first weeks on a job are critical in how they might feel about their new role and new environment.


By supporting exiting employees with a complete personalized outplacement program, you show respect and care. In addition, you help not only to enhance corporate image, but also to restore employee trust and boost the engagement of remaining employees.

Ultimately, your company will save time so it can focus on its business goals and objectives and on maximizing value.

Janne Aline Marcelino
Milagros is an amazing coach, I have no words to describe how important she and Empower Amsterdam were in my career progress. She is a very sweet, empathetic person who is very passionate and committed to helping you, at the same time as she uses very practical exercises to address the things you want to improve, and how to work on an actionable plan, step by step, to get where you want. I feel very lucky to have been given coached by Milagros, and I strongly recommend her as a wonderful person and excellent professional. She empowered me and made me believe in myself and develop a confidence that I wasn't finding anywhere else, but in her support. I couldn't thank or recommend her enough.
Janne Aline Marcelino
Global ecomIT
Adidas Group
Zadith Huasasquiche
Milagros es una persona que te guía en las metas que quieres alcanzar, te enseña diferentes tips y te da herramientas para ser tu camino mas fácil de recorrer.
Además de motivarte te ayuda a tener una visión mas clara de tus objetivos y de los pasos a dar.
Recalcar también que es mucho mas fácil cuando te expresas en tu idioma materno, Milagros habla Español y la comunicacion pudo ser mas fluida y con mas confianza.
Zadith Huasasquiche