advance your career post COVID-19.

Do you remember when you wished you had more time to complete that particular task, to initiate a new hobby or to reassess your career plans? 

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the world has been put on pause and so has the way we used to live and our outlook on life and work. Things are changing fast and we are being forced to adapt as conditions change while transitioning into a new future.

With more time on our hands now, we have an opportunity for self-reflection and exploring different ways to advance our careers. We must be prepared when we emerge from the current situation by taking some actions today and gain control of our career.

As a true optimist and passionate about educating others on personal and professional development, I encourage you to make use of this valuable opportunity to be creative by thinking out of the box, exploring and learn new things and going inward. Always think in possibilities; what can I or how can I instead of I can’t. Know your value, more important show your value at work. Make yourself indispensable to stay relevant. Consider a change of career. Reinvent yourself, because (new) skills matter more than ever in today’s uncertain times!

How to get started with advancing your career post COVID-19
Take charge of your career by reassessing and reviewing your career plans. Here are some questions to get you started:

• If your current job were offered to you now, would you accept it? If not, how has your view of the future changed?
• What have you learnt about yourself and your interests during the pandemic?
• What skills come easily to you that you did not notice before?
• What skills are a challenge for you? In which areas of work would you need to improve?
• What are the transferable and/or complementary skills that you can bring to your current or new position?

Take some time alone to reflect on your answers. Write them down on a piece of paper to stimulate learning. What do these answers tell about you and your abilities? What kind of education or experience do you need to fill in the gaps? What do you need to upskill constantly to remain valuable? Where will you be 5, 10 years from now? I know it is a lot to (re)think about but it is necessary to get your mind future-focused.

Do you want to stay in the game and become more resilient during and after the pandemic?

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