advance your career post COVID-19.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the world has been put on pause and so has the way we used to live and our outlook on life and work. Things are changing fast and we are being forced to adapt as conditions change while transitioning into a new future. With more time on our hands now, we […]


A group and individual coaching program to help you develop and utilize your leadership traits to move your life and career in the right direction. Leadership starts with knowing yourself and managing yourself better according to your own beliefs, values, and goals. The purpose of this program is to guide you from where you are […]

3 simple steps to break procrastination patterns.

Therefore, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to break the pattern. The first thing to do is to become conscious about our procrastination pattern. This is the moment when we know we should be doing something else instead of avoiding. The thing is, if we don’t take immediate action, we soon start making excuses […]

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